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Bathrooms That’ll Give You All The Inspo

Posted on by Aamir Tondan 0 comments

Pinterest is a great place. We lose hours scrolling, saving quotes and making dream boards on the daily. Inspo is everywhere. We’ve rounded up some of the most rad bathrooms on there to give you all the inspo…

Use gold accents and subtle pops of colour to give your bathroom some character

Make wood a real feature by doubling it up as your sink and a super chic dressing area

After an all white affair? This is how to do it. Use step storage to display your everyday go-to products

Make a real feature of a tiled wall. It’ll take your bathroom from whatever to wow and give your guests all of the envy

The subway tiling is having a moment so line your bathroom from head to toe in this simple but so chic design

Love a bath? Then make it your bathroom’s main focus. Add lots of light and marble flooring for a room you won’t wanna stop Instagramming

Silver accents in a bathroom look oh so slick. Extra points for his and her sinks

Give your bathroom some added personality with all of the frames. From quotes to prints and photos to paintings, only one rule applies: mix and match

Pink your thing? Then this bathroom is the one for you

Marble lovers rejoice. The luxe finish ain’t going anywhere so here’s some food for thought…

Black in a bathroom? It’s a definite ‘do’ when it looks this good

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Make your mirror the statement piece of your bathroom like this circle number. The bigger, the better


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