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You Have The Same Watch As Billionare

Posted on by Aamir Tondan 0 comments

You know the kind.

Watches so expensive they stun the room and make people whisper our name.

Watches so unique that they are instant conversation starters.

Watches with that One thing that make them cost more than a House-- The Tourbillon

Put a tourbillon into any watch — the price Explodes

Six Figures? Seven Figures?


The world's most Expensive watches?


No surprise, they're ALL Tourbillons

What is a tourbillon?

A tourbillon is a mechanism found in mechanical watches. It is both hypnotic and fascinating to watch and watches with tourbillons are usually a bit expensive compared to watched without them. They are not the most common complication that you’ll find on a watch, but certainly one of the most entertaining.

Master Watchmakers

Master watchmakers are the only ones capable of building a tourbillon.

In order to make a tourbillon, expert machinists use million dollar equipment like the Willemin 5-Axis.

These machines give form and function to finest of raw materials.

It takes years and years of training and practice before they can tackle complications such as minute repeaters, grand sonnier, and the tourbillon.



Because for these elite artisans, it isn’t just watchmaking.

They approach their craft like its heart surgery.


Should you get a tourbillon watch?

Yes. A tourbillon is a serious watch and will draw lots of attention to your wrist. Many collectors would consider their tourbillon watches to be some of their most prized possessions. So to answer the question: only get one if you think you can handle it.

But...does it really have to be THAT expensive?

Does it really have to be THAT ridiculously priced? 

Here at 
Binger, we dug deeper and found that there's a way

To make a 7-figure watch for 
only 4-figures

Hopefully you are skeptical.

 Knowing how tourbillons are now made, how is it even remotely possible to buy them for 4 figures?


That's a great question, and the answer is that there's a secret group of ultra-luxury watch brands that are price gouging you and me.


We are being lied to and manipulated by a select group of corporations, AGAIN.

 Because as we just saw, only elite watch makers can build a tourbillon.


And knowing this, the ultra-luxury watch brands control the world's elite watchmakers.

So, you want a tourbillon watch?


No problem, you can get one through a luxury watch brand and they will charge you anywhere from Rs.7,000,000 to even Rs.70,000,000 or more.


Don’t like that price?


Too bad.


Who else is going to make the watch for you?


The luxury watch brands control the world’s elite watchmakers.


If that sounds like an unfair monopoly or cartel -- you’re right. It Is.


How Binger Did It

Having first worked as luxury brand distributors, Binger got to see how things worked behind the scenes in the watch industry.


More importantly, after years of networking and forming strategic partnerships:


Binger got to know the same master watchmakers who build tourbillons for the luxury brand cartel


And by partnering with these same master watchmakers, Binger broke through the monopoly.

The Binger Pioneer

Made exactly like other tourbillon watches, the Binger Pioneer comes with a lower half, exposed mechanism.


Here we see the balance wheel, pallet fork, hairspring:

 Watchmaking virtuosity in full display.

Every timepiece is detailed.


On the Top -- Set a calendar.

On the Left hand side -- Have a week timer.

On the Right -- Design a monthly calendar.

All of these mechanisms are housed behind beautiful anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal and a specially-made polished stainless steel body.

 As the Exclusive RetailerEYL look forward to welcoming you to the Billionare Watch Club. Click The Button Below and Get The Binger Pioneer Watch Now!


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