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No.1 India Cosmetic & Skincare Shop Online


Eyl.Store is an e-commerce platform established in 2012. Pioneering the flash sales model with “selected brands, high discounts, and limited special offers,” EYL.Store sells a wide range of top-picked products from Personal Care to Electronic Products: Makeup Kits, Cosmetics, Mascaras, Facial Masks, Concealers, Foundations, CC & BB Creams, Eyeliners, Eyeshadows, Serums, Blackhead Removers, Lipsticks, etc all kinds of women care products - even for Fashion Man Watches. Lifestyle products include LED Flashlights & Portable Mini Cameras.

Eyl.Store committed to bringing the best and most popular beauty & household products to our online customers at lowest prices.   


Online Beauty Product Shopping With Discount


Eyl.Store launches new products every day with the best discounts. More than 200 global brands are available on Eyl.Store. We has created a new e-Commerce model called “Brand Discount + Time-Limited Deals + Authenticated Products.” Then, it improved its model to “Selected Brands + Higher Discounts + Time-Limited special offers.” The new model provides a pleasant and cost-effective online shopping experience to customers. In June 2017, after rebranding, EYL.Store upgraded its special offer model into a diversified sales model - the "constant special offers model.”


Free Delivery & Cash On Delivery (COD)  


Eyl.Store has three major warehousing systems in the world and five overseas companies directly purchasing products to ensure the high quality of products. The platform’s 200 private customer service lines will provide answers to all questions regarding our products.

In addition, we have brands’ authorization to purchase directly from their local markets, to ensure 100-percent authenticity of the products. By working with the world's top logistics partners, we can deliver our products to customers as soon as possible. Not to mention Eyl.Store is one of the few online makeup store offer case on delivery service. 

Now we have more than 20 million online customers in the world. The number of active users on Eyl.Store in 2017 was 8 million. By the second quarter of 2018, our subscriber repurchase rate was 80 percent, 92 percent of the orders were made by repetitive customers.

With the dream of "bringing happy experiences and boosting high-quality lives", we will become a top fashion retail platform in the world.