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Sport Bluetooth Earphone headset
Sport Bluetooth Earphone headset
Sport Bluetooth Earphone headset
Sport Bluetooth Earphone headset
Sport Bluetooth Earphone headset
Sport Bluetooth Earphone headset

Pocket Man SE2 Waterproof Bluetooth Sport Earphone

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Rs. 2,200.00
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Professional sports bluetooth earphone with IP55 waterproof and dustproof quality. It has no stethoscope effect, and it is lightweight and steady with amazing sound quality for you to wear while working out at gym, or everyday wear.

Product Specifics
  • Brand Name: Pocket Man
  • Quality Guarantee: 2 Years

Professional Sports Bluetooth Earphone

Steady and light weight, No stethoscope effect, IP55 waterproof and dustproof

What is the real professional Sports Earphone

Element I for professional sports earphone: Steady

Benefiting from the back-hanging earphone structure, SE2 can effectively transfer the earphone fulcrum to petromastoid, to ensure that the earphone has three supporting points under all postures. It meets the principle of triangular stability, so as to guarantee that SE2 will not fall under any sports intensities.


Element II for professional sports earphone: Lightweight

The earphone is made from aerospace-level special PEEK engineering resin, with the characteristics of excellent mechanical property and low density. The total weight is only 19g, which is lighter than a spoon of protein powder. Therefore, it is weightless when wearing.


Element III for professional sports earphone: No stethoscope effect

The combination of integrated body design and back-hanging earphone cable thoroughly eliminates the load and friction of traditional earphone remote-controller generated during motion, effectively restrains the stethoscope effect (during motion, the vibration generated by remote-controller due to external collision or air friction will be directly transmitted into the auditory meatus through cables, resulting in unpleasant noise).


Element IV for professional sports earphone: Waterproof

With the IP55water/dust resistance rating, neither sweat nor rain will damage SE2, which will provide you with carefree indoor and outdoor sports experiences.


Element V for professional sports earphone: Sound quality

With the technical foundation based on AKG374BT technology and the dynamic supporting of 0.5mm cicada diaphragm, SE2 has excellent resolution, broad sound fieldand surging bass, providing you with vivid and shocking musical performance during sports.


Element VI for professional sports earphone: Convenient operation

Benefiting from integrated body structure, the buttons on traditional remote-controller are smartly integrated into SE2earphone, so you can conveniently control music or perform hands-free calling during sports.


Element VII for professional sports earphone: Hands-free calling

Equipped with the QuietCommunication2 active Sound equalizer, which is same with that of JAKCOM BH2, and a double-mic system, it can dynamically adjust background noise, so as to provide clear calling effect under all environments;SE2 also can provide broadcasting of incoming call, answering, hang-up and other hands-free services.


Element VIII for professional sports earphone: Compatibility

With the built-in CSR Bluetooth 4.1 chip, it is fully compatible with smart devices of various Bluetooth versions. Through Bluetooth, it can be connected to mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops and desktop PCs, the effective communication distance is about 10meters.


Element IX for professional sports earphone: Voice assistant

It is fully compatible with AI voice assistants of IOS and ANDROID. It can send voice command to mobile phones through the built-in MIC.


Element X for professional sports earphone: Battery life

With 100mA double battery cells, it provides8 hours of continuous playback and fast charge of 30 minutes to full. It also supports battery status display on iPhone and iPad. SE2 can accompany with you to overcome every full marathon in your life.


Element XI for professional sports earphone: Portability

It adopts a new generation of elastic earphone cable made from MMT nano-plastic, with the new characteristics of durability and automatic memory contraction. Therefore, SE2 can be automatically tidied and free from winding.


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